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  • Using SPGridView With DataPager (For Nicer Pagination)

    Surprise, surprise - another post about SPGridView. This time, we're looking at how to use the nice .NET 3.5 DataPager control with SPGridView. Out of the box, they don't work together (for the same reason GridView and DataPager don't), because SPGridView doesn't implement the IPageableItemContainer interface, which the DataPager expects. Lucky for us, someone's already done all the hard work … more

  • SPGridView Deep Dive: Custom Filter Menu Values

    Over the last few days, I've learnt far more about SPGridView than I'd ever wanted to know, and here's a gnarly case I worked out and thought I'd share the knowledge! As a base, I'm hoping you've set up a fully functioning SPGridView with custom sort and paging - that's covered via a combination of my previous blog posts on SPGridViews and maybe this guide to the ObjectDataSource itself. If you' … more

  • SPGridView Gotcha #2: Performance Issues / DataBinding multiple times

    Going off my previous SPGridView post a few days ago, I ramped up the testing for the SPGridView to grab some data from a live service hosted online somewhere. However, the performance for the SPGridView was terrible - it took somewhere within the range of 5-6 seconds to switch between pages of 10 items. Busting out the ULS logging and debugging tools, it turns out the Select method on the … more

  • SPGridView Gotcha: Filtering, ObjectDataSource and You

    Giving the SPGridView a good kick around today, seeing if it'll fit the bill for our development work - I came across two really great resources which I highly recommend for anyone looking to get a SPGridView up and going: Erik Burger's blogposts, Part 1 and Part 2 Kit Menke's note on potential filtering bugs with data that contains apostrophes So following those posts, I got my SPGridView up … more

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