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  • Slow Razor Views in MVC? Make Sure You're Not In Debug Mode

    A short and sweet tip for today - I was investigating a page which I thought had some performance issues. My initial assumption was the backend controller, but a combination of SQL Profiler and Glimpse (which is super great and easy to use) showed me that the real bottleneck was ViewResult.ExecuteResult(). While someone on the internet suggested it might be a bunch of Url.Actions() causing … more

  • Why Did I Wait This Long To MVC / Razor?

    Started doing work on a small piece of MVC / Razor today, and it's great, really really great - it's just such a nicer model than standard ASP.Net, and you get nice separation of concerns, and having done a bunch of WP7 / MVVM-ish work, it feels...right. One thing I did come across was the need for cascading dropdowns - I ended up using this nice little jQuery plugin, which works as advertised ( … more

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