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  • Adventures with OpenXML Spreadsheets and Performance

    Following on from my previous post about my foray into OpenXML, I ran my little console application to extract data from a SharePoint list with about 5000 items, and very quickly noticed the huge amount of CPU and memory consumed by it. Turns out that the reason behind this is the large number of Data Objects being created (and not being collected/disposed) in memory. So after a bit of research … more

  • Adventures with OpenXML Spreadsheets, Unreadable Content and MSDN

    I was tasked recently with creating a small console application that would take the contents of a SharePoint list and export it to an Excel Spreadsheet. (This was for a client who didn't have SharePoint Server, just WSS 3.0) Armed with the right .dll and MSDN documentation, I knocked together a console app without too much trouble and everything was going well, and testing it on my dev list … more

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