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  • MVC Pro Tip: Rendering A ViewResult As HTML String Output

    Perhaps you've tried this - creating a controller, getting the ViewResult and attempting to convert it to a HTML string (for example, my use case was for an email templating / generation system). It's not terribly difficult, but there are a few caveats - primarily, that when you just "new" up a Controller outside of the proper MVC lifecycle, it doesn't have a proper ControllerContext associated … more

  • Pro-tip: Outputting 'Invalid' XML with XSLT

    It's been quite a while since I've done any serious hardcore XSLT (not really since my work stopped using it as part of their platform), but I had a situation today where I was working with a Content Query Web Part in SharePoint and needed to update the itemstyles XML so it would conditionally wrap part of the output in an anchor tag. Of course, this involves trying to render a closing tag on its … more

  • Nintex Workflow Pro-Tip: Updating Publishing HTML Fields

    Super, super busy here in Manila, but this was a bit of a gotcha so I thought I'd share: If you're looking to update a list item with a publishing html field, don't use the text box in Update Item action directly, as it will html encode all the angle brackets in your html and generally not work as you'd probably want it to. Instead, you need use the build string action to build your html and … more

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