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  • Excel 2010 and Unicode CSV files

    As part of Wuxie, I'm creating (or rather, compiling from the internet) a number of different resources to include in the application to populate the word database. So I have a whole bunch of nice .xls spreadsheets with all the characters and information in UTF-8; but someone, for some reason, decided that any time you save a spreadsheet to a .csv, it would force the encoding back to ANSI and you' … more

  • Adventures with OpenXML Spreadsheets, Unreadable Content and MSDN

    I was tasked recently with creating a small console application that would take the contents of a SharePoint list and export it to an Excel Spreadsheet. (This was for a client who didn't have SharePoint Server, just WSS 3.0) Armed with the right .dll and MSDN documentation, I knocked together a console app without too much trouble and everything was going well, and testing it on my dev list … more

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