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  • Using DTOs With Breeze.js

    Currently doing a lot of work with an existing system implemented with Breeze.js in the frontend, talking to ASP.NET MVC endpoints / EntityFramework in the back. Breeze is pretty powerful - it's a mini database sitting on the client side that just magically handles all the boring CRUD stuff for you. It's great when you're starting out and you can get off the ground super fast, but for some … more

  • WCF + Entity Framework + JSON = Tears

    Well, maybe not tears, but it probably won't work as smoothly as you want it to right out of the box. I had my nice little WCF with JSON responses all going nicely, with some test data, and that was all sweet, but the second I tried to return an EF object, WCF cried miserable, miserable tears and didn't return anything. What's the deal? It turns out that the JSON serializer doesn't like the " … more

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