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  • Using Spatial Data Types / DBGeography In Azure Worker Role

    I'd recently built some stuff that runs in Azure on a Worker role that interacts with some Spatial Data from a SQL Database via EntityFramework; having tested it locally, everything worked great. However, when published to the actual Azure environment, none of the data was being returned and my code wasn't working as expected. It turns out that the reason behind this is that in Azure you're … more

  • Planning To Use DbGeography And Points In EF: The Correct Format

    Here's a really quick gotcha if you're planning to use Entity Framework and Spatial columns with the DbGeography class support. As you're probably aware, you can't instantiate DbGeography directly, but you use methods instead, eg: DbGeography.FromText(); This method takes in WKT / Well Known Text, which is apparently a standard. A standard that I can't seem to find the definitive documentation … more

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