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  • Ibon: How To Print Documents at 7-11 In Taipei (100% Online)

    Need to print a ticket, document or something else? While it's not particularly English friendly, it turns out that you can actually print any Word document or PDF at any 7-11 store in Taipei using their ibon machines! Defying logic, the upload and printing options aren't documented under the print section of the website or on the machine itself. But the gist of it is: Step 1) Upload your file … more

  • Taipei, 7-11 Heaven

    There are a very, very large number of convenience stores here in Taipei - just about every street and streetcorner will have two or three, and the major chains are OK Mart, FamilyMart, Hi-Life and the world famous 7-11. 7-11 is a little unique in that you can also do a lot of things there that aren't immediately obvious, such as pay your power bill. I found their Chinese site rather hard to … more

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