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  • Custom MSBuild Tasks (Or, How To Update Your Content On Build)

    If you've ever wanted to dynamically replace some kind of content in your Visual Studio projects on compilation / build, a powerful (and not too difficult) way of doing it is creating your own MSBuild Task. In the past, this meant writing a custom Task with all its associated code, but with .NET 4.0 or later, you can actually make your own Tasks inline, right in your .csproj file. Straight into … more

  • Trying to use Azure Shared Caching Session State with SharePoint 2010?

    Well, don't. The Microsoft.Web.DistributedCache .dll requires .NET 4.0, which doesn't work with SharePoint 2010. The fact that 4.0 is required for Microsoft.Web.DistributedCache is nicely buried in this thread, not in MSDN where it would have been, you know, helpful. Session State running in SQLServer mode works fine still, though. Let me know if I'm wrong, and also if anyone's tried the Table … more

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