• Pro-Tip: Infopath 2010 and mysteriously duplicating Promoted Fields

    For all it's power, InfoPath sure does have some massive annoying bugs. Today I was working with some InfoPath forms, and was afflicted by the "duplicate promoted fields / properties" issue, which seems to want to randomly occur when you add / modify new promoted fields. In essence, instead of reusing the promoted properties it's already created for use on your SharePoint site, InfoPath decides … more

  • My Xbox Live Account Got Hacked

    I woke up this morning to find five emails listing purchase confirmations at 3am - somehow, someone had gotten hold of a really old Windows Live account which unfortunately had credit card information stored against it for a Windows Azure subscription. Anyway, whoever got it changed my name to Robert Bubnick (lol), and proceeded to buy ridiculous PC games such as "Fishdom: Spooky Splash". So I … more

  • Excel 2010 and Unicode CSV files

    As part of Wuxie, I'm creating (or rather, compiling from the internet) a number of different resources to include in the application to populate the word database. So I have a whole bunch of nice .xls spreadsheets with all the characters and information in UTF-8; but someone, for some reason, decided that any time you save a spreadsheet to a .csv, it would force the encoding back to ANSI and you' … more

  • Wuxie: Sneak Preview

    Working on my next Windows Phone 7 app - here's the very first screenshot! This time round I'm trying a few new things - I did a design document (instead of making up all my classes and pages on the fly, I've actually got a plan, which is handy), and I'm using NotifyPropertyWeaver - which is awesome! Yes - I know the word card above is totally wrong - it's just dummy data for layout purposes, … more

  • SharePoint Gotcha: Working with change tokens and change logs

    Was working on some code today, which was a timer job that used to work, but now doesn't. In the timer job, we had essentially something similar to the following: SPChangeToken changeToken = list.ParentWeb.Properties["mychangetoken"]; SPChangeCollection changedItems = null; SPChangeQuery queryitem = new SPChangeQuery(false, true); queryitem.Item = true; … more

  • Skritter: Day #22

    Until very recently (thanks to the very, very large distraction and happy disruption to my life in the form of Final Fantasy XIII-2), I've been Skrittering daily. I'm kind of over super complicated words, for now - while they're initially hard to remember, they eventually become pretty memorable once broken down to the radicals. My new pet confusion is words that are written the same but have two … more

  • Pro-Tip: Connecting To SharePoint Online / Office 365 from an Azure Web / Worker Role

    Today, I was tasked with debugging an issue someone at work had been having - we've built some stuff that needs to connect to a SharePoint Online instance from within an Azure Worker role, and whilst it worked locally, when it was run in the cloud, it continually caused the role to error out. To connect, we're grabbing the claims-based cookies (for which you can read Chris Johnson's post about … more

  • MetroTime

    Found this great app, as recommended by Jeff Wilcox, MetroTime - http://t.co/Hkk933B3 If you've got a Windows Phone 7 you have to check it out - best clock I've seen in a long time. Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled programming... more

  • Applying Image Filters In Windows Phone 7

    I've been working on another app for WP7 (pumping them out like clockwork! Playing catchup to Apple / Google is kind of fun...) which is essentially aiming to be a Polaroid camera clone - so you take a picture, virtual camera spits it out, and you shake the photo to "develop" it. As part of this app, images taken with the camera get a "lomo" sort of look, you know, the hipstery kind of … more

  • Skritter: Day #7

    According to Skritter, studying for an average of 33 minutes a day, I've learnt how to write 131 characters so far, with a retention rate of 89.2% - already, I've noticed I can read much, much more of all my Taiwan friends + relatives' Facebook posts. The hardest word I've learnt so far is doctor - (醫 / yi). It's awesome! more

  • Skritter: Day #2

    Alright, so I've been using this awesome online app to kickstart my Chinese study - I can speak and converse, but am essentially illiterate; so I figured I should probably at least try to fix this! Thought for the day is that 在 and 再 are too close. Much too close. If you want to check out Skritter, and you know you do because it's amazing, you can check out the demo on their site, and if you … more

  • New WP7 Application - Learn NZSL

    Hope the new year is treating everyone well! I've just finished my latest wp7 application - it's a handy little mobile app that allows you to search the NZSL online site for sign language words in NZSL and easily share them; you can check it out with the link below: http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=55ac2141-05d7-42f9-bf8b-88c5a6129d05 New things I learned for wp7 were how to use the SLAT ( … more

  • So I Finished Reading The Steve Jobs Biography

    And it's a fantastic book - it's a hard line to tread being really impartial, but Isaacson does it just about perfectly, sticking to facts where possible. It's not going to change anyone's opinion on Steve Jobs; I still think he was a little bit of a monster (please, no flame, read the book and count the number of times Steve Jobs cries or has a tantrum), but I can see people reading the book and … more

  • Pro-Tip: Relative Paths and TreeHelper.SelectNodes

    Just a quick one: was looking at using TreeHelper.SelectNodes() recently, and it seems like although it works perfectly fine if you give it a path like "%" or "/Products/%", it didn't seem to like "./%" or anything with . or .. (current/parent). The fix for this is to call CMSContext.ResolveCurrentPath("./%"), which will give you the correct path for the TreeHelper to work. There was a post from 2 … more

  • Nokia Lumia 800: First Impressions

    Traded my HTC Trophy for a Lumia 800 recently (imported from the UK, since they aren't slated to come out in New Zealand until sometime early next year), and I love this phone. Pros The screen - the blacks are really, really black and the livetiles especially and running in dark theme looks stunning Gorilla glass looks and feels great It's blue. (really sick of the sea of black … more

  • Diablo 3 Beta Impressions

    I managed to score an invite to the closed beta, and it looks like the game is progressing very well indeed - it's definitely the Diablo that we all know and love, but with a super level of polish. In essence, Blizzard is doing with Diablo 3 what they did with Starcraft 2; nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, but unmistakably driven in its singular direction. The graphics are great - there's … more

  • Skyrim On PC Is A Dirty Port

    Okay, well, maybe not - but if there's one thing I hate about Skyrim (and it's very hard to find things to hate about Skyrim), it's the menus. I could write it out, but this image from Reddit user 'EACustomerSupport' sums it all up... So many usability fails - but hey, at least it's pretty! more

  • Pro-tip: Resolving "Content Type Still In Use" Issues In SharePoint 2010

    If you're getting the following exception when trying to delete a content type ("Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: The content type is in use"), here's a quick checklist of things to check: 1) SPContentTypeUsages. Using SharePoint Manager, you should be able to see whether your content type is used on any lists or libraries, and you haven't removed them yet. 2) Make sure you remove all items … more

  • Pro-tip: Opening Message Headers In Outlook 2010

    I've been doing some gnarly email investigation for a client recently, and really needed to view as much information about an email as possible. The 'view source' option, unfortunately, only shows the HTML content source for an email. However, we can actually view the full message-headers - just not in a very intuitive manner. The message headers are viewable in message options / properties pane, … more

  • WP7 Tip - Binding Issues When Switching Pages Via Application Bar

    Binding in WP7 is awesome - you pay a little bit of upfront plumbing / set up / development time, and everything just works together super nice. But sometimes, it doesn't quite go to plan, and one example I came across recently was a page where I had multiple TextBox controls with two way bindings to a view model. Most of it worked properly, but if you entered a text box, inputted some text and … more