• SharePoint 2010 - Closing A Modal Dialog Within An UpdatePanel Programmatically

    SharePoint 2010 provides lots of nice of JavaScript helpers and methods, one category of which involves Modal Dialogs (eg the default behaviour when you view / edit a list item in a list). We can pretty easily create a modal dialog with a call to SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog(options) (and you can take a look at this blog post for a little more detail). So, let's imagine we open a dialog … more

  • You mean it's 101, not 2012?

    If you hang around in Taiwan for a short while, you'll soon discover the 民國 (Min guo) calendar, be it in conversation or when filling out a form. Basically, Year 1 is treated as the founding of the Republic of China in 1912 by Sun Yat Sen - so this year (2012) is Year 101. Interesting fact: The ROC era numbering happens to be the same as the numbering used by the Juche calendar of North Korea, … more

  • How to Get a Uniform ID Number In Taiwan

    If, like me, you have travelled to Taiwan for a longer-term stay but for some reason or another do not have an ARC, to do pretty much anything important, you'll want to get a Uniform ID Number. My uncle who lives here set me up with the details, but essentially the easiest way to do this is in person at one of the National Immigration Agency's (NIA) Service Centres. I went to the one in … more

  • Almost there...

    Just to assure you I am still alive, I'm typing this from Singapore Airport. Which is, by the way, leagues better than LAX. (There's a LAN gaming room! PlayStation 3s! A movie room! Skytrains! 24 hour food places! Free wifi! Free internet!) Just one more crazy 1.15 am flight (which is really more like 4am if you take into account all the timezones I just crossed) and then the Taipei chapter will … more

  • Chapter III: Taiwan

    Next week will feel a little weird. On Monday, instead of snoozing through my alarm for an hour and then dragging myself out of bed to prepare for work, I'll be sleeping. I won't actually have work for the rest of the month, and it's not a holiday - I'm upending my life and moving to Taiwan! In doing so, I leave my first real employer (Borders doesn't count / was not related to my degree / is … more

  • Why Did I Wait This Long To MVC / Razor?

    Started doing work on a small piece of MVC / Razor today, and it's great, really really great - it's just such a nicer model than standard ASP.Net, and you get nice separation of concerns, and having done a bunch of WP7 / MVVM-ish work, it feels...right. One thing I did come across was the need for cascading dropdowns - I ended up using this nice little jQuery plugin, which works as advertised ( … more

  • Windows 8 Pro Tip: HttpClient Exception and Package Capabilities

    Just having a bit of a play around with Windows 8 dev recently in the Release Preview (it's been a big week for MS for sure, with the Surface and Windows Phone 8 announcements) and just came across this little gotcha... If you create a new project and create a HttpClient object and just want to call a web service, or a page, you may encounter a HttpRequestException (an error occured while … more

  • Nintex Forms - Refreshing the List View Web Part Programmatically / Modal Dialogs

    With the latest release of Nintex Forms, editors now get the ability to include a List View Web Part as part of their forms. I went a little bit crazy / overboard with this, and ended up with a form where there was a list view web part as well as a button that opened the New Item form for the specific list in a dialog, and refreshed the list view web part once the user had finished creating the … more

  • Nintex Workflow + Forms - Things To Check Before You Declare Your Migration As Successful

    So recently I migrated some Nintex Workflow and Forms stuff between environments, and I thought everything was kosher but some things broke along the way which I hadn't noticed until quite a bit later, and now I'm really not quite sure what's going to happen with it all... But in any case, after you do your database backup/restores, make sure that in your new environment that you can: 1) Edit … more

  • Notes on America #3

    In no particular order: Gas station taquiera, Clif bars, hot mustard, baseball, garlic fries, fresca, cupcakes, QVC, B Line, piroshky, (not) Great Clips, "walk sign is on for all crossings", Harvard Exit, marionberries, J.J.B.L.T, iced tea, crows, pesto pizza more

  • Pro Tip: Client Side Validation with Nintex Forms

    To use the custom validation in Nintex, in the control settings, provide a method name for your custom validation for that specific control: And then you need to provide an implementation of the custom validation method you've named - this isn't documented anywhere on their site yet so I got the answer through a support ticket, but essentially you need to provide a method with the same name … more

  • Notes on America #2

    I'm pretty sure I'm falling in love with Seattle. It's only been a week, but I think at some stage I would relish an opportunity to come back and work for Microsoft. Seattle and Auckland remind me of each other in a lot of ways. They both have: Lots of nice scenery Some form of tall, distinct tower with an observation deck A Showgirls (lol) Gaudy land/water vehicle "duck" tours (at least they … more

  • Pro-tip: Outputting 'Invalid' XML with XSLT

    It's been quite a while since I've done any serious hardcore XSLT (not really since my work stopped using it as part of their platform), but I had a situation today where I was working with a Content Query Web Part in SharePoint and needed to update the itemstyles XML so it would conditionally wrap part of the output in an anchor tag. Of course, this involves trying to render a closing tag on its … more

  • Lessons To Learn From Diablo III Launch

    If you don't use Azure / some kind of scalable cloud service, you crazy. If you don't want a foaming mass of angry people posting on your forums, do more than just "hey servers offline for maintenance bye". Apparently, paying for a game and then not being able to play it is suddenly now coming under the category of "entitled" and "spoilt". All I want is some sweet sweet left click action! … more

  • Windows 8 / WinRT / Metro style - How To Prompt User To Send Email

    Was working on building an "About" panel for a Windows 8 app today (for which you can find a great guide to doing so here). While I wasn't able to work out how to prompt a user to rate the application (EDIT: if you didn't click through, it turns out rate/review is added automatically if installed via Microsoft Store), I did work out how to prompt a user to send an email, much like the … more

  • (Not) Great Clips

    So before I flew out to Seattle I was going to get my hair cut at my local in Auckland but due to general laziness / the lure of having a haircut in America! The novelty! I went and got one today at a Great Clips... and it sucked. I'm sure it varies on whichever stylist you end up getting (and Yelp seems to think it's an okay place), but I ended up with an Asian lady with broken English and … more

  • Notes on America #1

    I am watching these two guys pawn ridiculously lousy jewellery for ridiculous prices, as mocked on South Park..."note how this eagle is very three dimensional off this piece of onyx"... The Microsoft campus is mindblowingly big; you can stand in the middle and everything the light touches is Microsoft land - aerial Bing/Google maps don't really convey the scale of the operation. Wholemeal bread … more

  • To America!

    Land of the free and land of the brave! I'm heading over to the United States (Seattle/Redmond, specifically) for a month for a work project, and I'm not going to lie - I'm very excited to discover the land that came up with such great things such as the internet, Carl's Jr, deep fried cheesecake and grunge music. On my list of to dos is watching a Mariners game (check), visiting Fremont's statue … more

  • Pro Tip: Allowing Anonymous Access For A SharePoint Application Page

    A short and sweet one - if you're looking at creating an application page that's accessible to anonymous users of your SharePoint site, there's two things you need to do: Switch the base class of your application page from LayoutsPageBase to UnsecuredLayoutsPageBase Make sure you implement an override for the AllowAnonymousAccess property, and have it always return "true" (or some other … more

  • Filling Out a Windows Credentials Prompt With UIAutomation / C#

    Back in the day, there used to be a thing called the Microsoft Active Accessibility, which programs like screenreaders used to interface and interact with Windows and other applications. The successor to this, introduced in .NET 3.0, is the UI Automation Framework, which allows us to get a reference to pretty much any window, dialog box, text box / buttons and do interact with those elements. … more