• Kentico Site of the Year 2010 - Child Cancer Foundation

    Remember when I posted about the CCF website (of which I had a hand in building) being selected as a finalist for this year's Kentico Site of the Year competition? Well, it turns out that we didn't just win the best non-profit organisation website category, but we won the prize for Site of the Year 2010 - which is, frankly, pretty awesome! There were quite a few other websites nominated, and it' … more

  • Pro Tip: WP7 Radio Speaker Mode

    Much to my delight, I recently learnt that you can use any unshielded headphones as the antenna for phone radios. (Up until then, I had always thought you needed to use the provided headphones, believing they were coated in a magical radio fairy dust...) This is great, as it means I can use my favored Sony clip-on headphones, instead of the HTC in-ear ones that came with. It's probably just me … more

  • Provisioning Files To A Feature's Root Folder In Sharepoint 2010

    I have been doing some work recently in InfoPath, and as part of investigating deployment of a custom InfoPath form to a Sharepoint installation, it was decided that we would use the not-so-well-documented XsnFeatureReceiver class in order to deploy the form to a site. However, there is a catch to using it - the .xsn must be placed in the root folder of the feature (ie 14/TEMPLATE/FEATURES/ … more

  • More Noborizaka Press

    Noborizaka has gotten a few mentions here and there around the interwebs, making it onto a list of the top ten productivity apps on BrightHub, as well as a list of the best WP7 productivity apps on Pocket Lint. I should really start looking into v2 of the application - mainly a few bugfixes (exp. progress bar not updating/binding properly, really long action names laid out badly in reward … more

  • How To Train Your Dragon

    Dreamworks has slowly but surely catching up to Pixar. While I don't really agree with the scattershot strategy that they're taking with the three-releases-a-year schedule, especially if it means having to put up with yet another Shrek movie, the upside with more iterations is that you're more likely to end up with an absolute gem like "How To Train Your Dragon". I can't quite put my finger on … more

  • Windows Phone 7 Goodness

    My Price This application got a mention on Mat Velloso's blog, which you can find here. Also listed are a bunch of other cool WP7 apps; the Today on TVNZ and Auckland Transits in particular are fantastic apps in my humble opinion, and I'll be grabbing them when they get released to the marketplace. I also now have my Windows Phone t-shirt which I am wearing right now, yes, right now, as well as … more

  • Where Is A Nappies Packaging Expert When You Need One

    In the supermarket today, I came across this product/packaging travesty: Firstly, WHAT. Did nobody look at this and go "hey wait a minute this looks ridiculous, let's just not put photos of kids with ridiiiculous face paint on our packaging"? Is it supposed to be a cat? An old woman? A robot? An old catwoman robot?! Secondly, if you look closer (although I'm not quite sure why one would be … more

  • Disabling Additional Form Validation In Sharepoint 2010

    This problem cost me about four hours of my life, and lots of tedious debugging in Firebug (what I would do without Firebug in my everyday development work, I am not quite sure...) The issue that I had was in a custom ASP.NET control hosted in Sharepoint that had a download file button. Prior to downloading a file, everything works as expected and all javascript calls proceed as per usual. … more

  • Child Cancer Foundation Website : Kentico Site of the Year Finalist (2010)

    If you all have a spare second, me and everyone at my work would greatly appreciate votes towards the Child Cancer Foundation website, which is a finalist in this year's Kentico Site of the Year competition. You can vote here, and check out the website itself here. I was part of the team that built it, and it's a fantastic website for a great organisation. Tell all your friends! While you are … more

  • I Am Now An ASP.NET 3.5 Tech Specialist

    Or, how not to design your elevators... At work, there is a voucher floating around for five free Microsoft Exams (well, by free I mean work had already paid for the voucher and nobody was taking it). So in an act of extreme bravery and stupidity, I decided that I would use this voucher. This was about a week ago - and I just sat and passed one of the exams. Keeping in mind that the last time I … more

  • The Microbial Suicide Bomber

    Randomly sprawling on Wikipedia recently, I came across a link to an interesting article published in the New York Times about how some salmonella bacteria deliberately go on suicide missions in order to distract the body and kill a whole lot of good bacteria also. ...about 15 percent of the salmonella go on a suicide mission, invading the intestinal walls. There, the immune system handily wipes … more

  • Windows Phone 7 - Check For Network/Internet Connectivity In Code

    Short and sweet - if your WP7 application relies on the internet or a web service, there's a simple method you can call to check that you can get online before continuing. //using Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation; if(NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable()) { //call your web service / internet stuff here } Pro tip - this doesn't seem to work properly on the WP7 emulator as it … more

  • Price This! - A Windows Phone 7 Game

    As part of the New Zealand Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Challenge, I built a game that uses the TradeMe API. You can check out a screencast video here, but since I don't actually have a developer account I can't submit it for certification or deploy it to my phone... Some of the other TradeMe apps being built for the competition sound pretty awesome - a work colleague built an achievements overlay … more

  • Checking Permissions with Javascript in Sharepoint 2007

    If you'll remember in my previous Sharepoint post regarding ECB customization, I was working on a custom Version History page. One of the modifications I finished today was changing the ECB for our custom Version History page to require additional permissions (in addition to the Delete Version permission) before displaying the Delete option in the ECB for that page. To do so, we just need to … more

  • A weekend with Windows Phone 7

    So I've had my Windows Phone 7 for a couple of days now, and I love it. I went with the HTC Trophy over the LG Optimus (which are the only two available in New Zealand), mainly because I despise hardware keyboards, and I felt the Optimus looked ugly. Things like 16GB over 8GB of storage don't really impress me - I used to have a 40GB iPod, and when I moved from that to a 1GB shuffle, I honestly … more

  • Modifying Default ECB Menu Items In Sharepoint 2007

    Recently, I was tasked with replacing the out-of-the-box Version History menu item, and first of all came across the MSDN article on how to hide a menu item in the ECB. The original plan was to remove the existing item, and replace it with a custom Version History menu item - but the MSDN article recommends making an entire copy of core.js and modifying the copy, which seemed like a lot of … more

  • Medal of Honor < Modern Warfare 2

    I played Medal of Honor for about two hours today; and in that space of time, I was thoroughly unimpressed by the decidedly average graphics (compared to Modern Warfare 2), the cliché shooter setpieces (compared to Modern Warfare 2) and the presence of a lot more bugs (compared to Modern Warfare 2). In short, it seems like Modern Warfare 2 has totally ruined Medal of Honor for me. On its own, it … more

  • New Zealand's...Second? Windows Phone 7 Application

    May very well be mine! Just heard the word that my app, Noborizaka, just made it through certification! That means it's now on the marketplace, listed under the Productivity section. There's still heaps of room for improvements and upgrades, but the launch day for Windows Phone 7 was fast approaching (next Thursday, 21st October - the Old Spice guy might even be going to Australia to promote … more

  • New Zealand's First Windows Phone 7 Application

    Developed at my work, the NZRU All Blacks app passed certification and is the first NZ application available on the Windows Phone marketplace, worldwide! Very, very exciting. I did do a little bit of work on it (which didn't make it to the final app), but most of the work was done by the very talented team in the Provoke Wellington office. My own app, the lightweight activity tracker with RPG … more