• I'm Flying Without Wings

    Literally, I am actually "flying", without wings. The similarities between the high speed rail from Kaohshiung to Taipei, and aircraft, are just way too many. They both have: an in-flight/train magazine a traytable a food/beverage cart, and an attendant overhead baggage seats that recline annoyingly arrival music when you reach your destination business class They travel at 300 km/h, but it … more

  • Oh, You Mean I've Been Taking Opium?

    I've been taking some cough medicine recently, as you do for a cough, and upon looking at the ingredients closer, it turns out I've been ingesting opiates! I feel so criminal right now. more

  • Taiwan Q Q

    For the uninitiated, Q Q isn't just a sad face emoticon, but is actually also a descriptor for food here in Taiwan (and I imagine in some other Asian countries, but possibly not...) You'll often see people touting their food as being "Q", which a lot of people seem to like here. But what exactly is Q? Apparently, it means chewy...but in a nice way. Some sort of medium between al dente and … more

  • Taipei's Public Transportation Is Awesome

    When my aunt says "the metro is a little slower at night, you'll have to wait 10 minutes for a train", I think back to Auckland and I laugh. I laugh, and I wish I could pack up Taipei's fantastic public transport system and plant it right into Auckland. (I guess the other half of the problem is things to do in Auckland, but I digress) There's a version of Wellington's Snapper card here; it's … more

  • The Only Thing Worse Than Being Sick

    Is being sick on holiday; and the only thing worse than being sick on holiday is being sick for an extended period of time while on holiday. I guess it takes sickness for people to truly appreciate good health, but it's been pretty annoying progressing from a runny nose to a debilitating cough, turning into stomach cramps and then a sore throat. None of it is probably life threatening, but it's … more

  • Submitting A WP7 Application Update

    If you're a Windows Phone 7 developer like me, and you've submitted (and successfully pushed through) an update for your application to the Marketplace but haven't been prompted to update your application in the marketplace, don't panic. This happened to me, and I was pretty worried that something had gone wrong, but it turns out that Application Update notifications don't happen at the same … more

  • Adding Linebreaks To The Default Value For InfoPath Multi-Line Textboxes

    EDIT: I went over this post again, and I have no idea what I was on about. You can just set the Display setting to Multiline, and adjust the height of the box using the size field. I'm still confused as to why I thought the below was the only option...so, yes - you could add linebreaks to the default value; but I don't really know why you would, now that I think about it...maybe the reason will … more

  • InfoPath Validation And The Errors Property

    When developing InfoPath forms, sometimes doing your validation using rules in the designer isn't quite powerful enough. Luckily for us, InfoPath allows you to hook into the Validation event for controls within your form; but here's something to watch out for. When developing a form that attempts to access the Errors property of the current form from within a Validation event, although it will … more

  • WP7COMP Entry: Noborizaka

    Redgate (creators of the ever popular .NET Reflector and the SQL comparison tool whose name escapes me, for now) are currently running a Windows Phone 7 competition, for which I have submitted my app, Noborizaka. If me and some workmates get our gear together we might be able to pull off a second entry, but I didn't want the opportunity to pass by, at the very least for some more exposure for … more

  • Pro Tip: InfoPath Read-only Views

    Hopefully this saves someone some time - if you've got an InfoPath form where you want to present a standard editable view and a "read-only" version which should not be editable (such as when you want to disable form editing for forms hosted in a SharePoint Form Library that have not been checked out), you can set your entire view to read-only, instead of attempting to replicate the entire view … more

  • Infopath Validation Gotcha

    In an InfoPath form I've been working on, I've used the Validating event to attach some code to do some more complex validation (ie, something that I can't achieve through rules). It's actually not too complicated, and follows the following general syntax: public void MyField_Validating(object sender, XmlValidatingEventArgs e) { //clear any existing errors try { this.Errors. … more

  • You Are Probably Correct

    Arron, talking about making book recommendations to customers at the Borders bookstore in Sylvia Park (where I also used to work): ...tried to recommend Lolita and realised halfway through that books about pedophiles don't make good recommendations to strangers. Was gonna launch into a recommendation for American Psycho, but I'm not sure a book about a psychopathic sadist would be much easier to … more

  • Price This! Now Available

    My NZ Windows Phone Challenge competition entry application has now been accepted to the marketplace! It did take quite a while for GeoTrust to validate my identity and such, but now that's all sorted and it's available to download here. Many thanks go out to Mat Velloso at Microsoft New Zealand for his support to all the competition entrants! I've also been working on fixing a few bugs with … more

  • Two InfoPath Programming Tips

    Writing code for InfoPath is a very strange beast. InfoPath 2010 still uses Visual Studio 2005, which has no 'attach to process' functionality; this makes for a very interesting challenge when trying to debug browser-enabled forms running within SharePoint, but that's a story for another day... Anyway, here are two things I learnt today while doing InfoPath codebehind: 1. Use Type. … more

  • Mutants Are Swarming My Apartment

    Good thing I bought Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst for Windows Phone 7; allowing me to turn my apartment building into a heavily fortified base with a mortar launcher, machine gun turrets, flamethrower and duck bomber. It's very hard to get me to part with my money, but the team at Ruffian Games have done so; for $2.99 US (or $4.99 NZ) it is a fantastic game, and a must buy for anyone who has a … more

  • Can You Spell iPad?

    This is probably going to be the most iPads I'll see in one place, ever. What are they doing in a Microsoft shop? Mysterious! more

  • Programmatically Saving Infopath Form To The Current Document Library

    Can be done in three "easy" steps: Store the xmllocation/savelocation query string parameters into the form, or into the form state. Use that in conjunction with SPContext.Current.Web to retrieve the current SPList. (this is because SPContext.Current.List will always return null in InfoPath code) Call the add method on the RootFolder (or whatever folder you require) of the SPList. Here's some … more

  • The U.S. Economy And My Weekend

    It's pretty crazy how the Australian dollar is pretty much greater than and/or equal to the American dollar at the moment, and the NZ dollar is pretty strong against it too! Watch this video from The Daily Show. I think it's time to import some stuff from Amazon, possibly the Rock Band 3 midi adapter. Or the keytar. That would be awesome. In other news, I've just came back from the company … more