• VS2010 SharePoint Projects: Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution'

    The inbuilt Visual Studio 2010/Sharepoint 2010 tooling has improved significantly since the WSS 3.0 days, but there are still quite a few annoyances that crop up from time to time. One error which you might encounter is the following, when you are attempting to deploy what is otherwise a perfect solution: Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s … more

  • Nintex Workflow Pro Tip: Hiding The Workflow Diagram on Initiation Forms

    Whenever you run a workflow, Nintex displays a diagram of the workflow on the right side as part of the initiation form - in most cases, this is great as it serves as a quick visual reminder of what workflow you're about to kick off. However, if you really want to hide everything on here, the only way to do this is to customize the InitiationForm. If you take a look at the url of the browser, … more

  • Sharepoint 2010 Pro Tip - List Definition With Many Content Types

    Earlier today, I came across a very interesting issue with a colleague's List Definition. The list contains 12 content types, but for some reason would only show the top eight content types in the list. It deployed fine without any errors, and if you reordered the content types in the definition, the top eight would be deployed. The content types themselves were also exceedingly large, so my … more

  • Nintex Workflow Pro-Tip: Collection Workflow Variables

    Just a quick tip regarding Nintex Workflow 2010 and Collection Variables - when you query a list and assign to a collection variable multiple times, the results are additive; ie, the existing items in the collection aren't replaced as with other workflow variables, but rather are added together. This is only really a problem if you plan to reuse one collection workflow variable multiple times in … more

  • Filipino Food Adventures

    Here in the Philippines, food is abundant, and generally very affordable. Most of it seems to be pork and seafood, and about half of it is fried. There is, however, a rather large proportion of offal/off-cuts served as main meals here. The strangest things I've had so far are crispy Dinuguan, which is pork bits deep fried, cooked and served with a pig's blood sauce (a lot tastier than I imagined) … more

  • Managed Metadata Fields in SP2010 Content Type Definitions

    I've been creating some content types in SharePoint 2010 recently, which include a few of the new Managed Metadata Fields, and I came across an issue where items created with the content type wouldn't save, and would leave the following error message: Failed to get value of the “{0}” column from the “Managed Metadata” field type control. See details in log. Exception message: Invalid field name. … more

  • Nintex Workflow Pro-Tip: Updating Publishing HTML Fields

    Super, super busy here in Manila, but this was a bit of a gotcha so I thought I'd share: If you're looking to update a list item with a publishing html field, don't use the text box in Update Item action directly, as it will html encode all the angle brackets in your html and generally not work as you'd probably want it to. Instead, you need use the build string action to build your html and … more

  • The Great Wall of WP7 Apps

    So, apparently at MIX '11, Microsoft covered three walls with every single app in the Marketplace to date. While the one Apple had at the WWDC conference in 2009 does sound awesomer, it's still pretty awesome that they did so. You can find some high resolution shots here and here, courtesy of Long Zheng. And obviously, the first thing I wanted to do was to look for my app, and I think I found it. … more

  • Adventures with OpenXML Spreadsheets and Performance

    Following on from my previous post about my foray into OpenXML, I ran my little console application to extract data from a SharePoint list with about 5000 items, and very quickly noticed the huge amount of CPU and memory consumed by it. Turns out that the reason behind this is the large number of Data Objects being created (and not being collected/disposed) in memory. So after a bit of research … more

  • Adventures in the Philippines - Part Deux

    It's weird - you'd think that with so many armed guards and sniffer dogs, I would feel safer. I don't. Went to a Starbucks today, and there was an armed guard at the door. Cars going past banks get inspected underneath with a mirror tool thing, in case there are bombs strapped underneath. What essentially looks like armoured apcs sit around outside the banks; they aren't playing around with their … more

  • Adventures in the Philippines

    Two weeks ago, I really knew very little about the Philippines. Before actually looking on the inflight route map, I had no idea how close the Philippines was to Malaysia and Taiwan - it's pretty much an archipelago sandwiched between the two. I didn't know it was a former Spanish colony (much like Britain had Hong Kong and Portugal had Macao). But now, sitting here in the Mandarin Oriental in … more

  • Adventures with OpenXML Spreadsheets, Unreadable Content and MSDN

    I was tasked recently with creating a small console application that would take the contents of a SharePoint list and export it to an Excel Spreadsheet. (This was for a client who didn't have SharePoint Server, just WSS 3.0) Armed with the right .dll and MSDN documentation, I knocked together a console app without too much trouble and everything was going well, and testing it on my dev list … more

  • Windows Phone 7 - ContextMenu and ListBoxes

    The Silverlight Windows Phone Toolkit makes it trivially easy to add a context menu to most Windows Phone 7 controls; all you need to do, really, is add the attached dependency property to the control you want to target with the long-hold gesture, and you're done. So if you're looking to add a context menu for items within a list box, you just need to include it as part of the list item template, … more

  • Sharepoint 2010 and SPWeb.AllProperties / SPWeb.Properties

    You're right - it's confusing. There's usually only one reason in SharePoint why things end up with totally non-common-sense names (see SPSite/SPWeb), and that reason is backwards compatibility. SPWeb.AllProperties is the recommended property bag for a SPWeb object, while SPWeb.Properties is maintained for the benefit legacy code. What's the difference between the two? SPWeb.Properties is a … more

  • How To Make The Best/Worst Movie Ever

    Aka Everything That Is Right/Wrong With Birdemic Leave half a second at the start and end of every scene to make sure your movie is feature length Make sure that when you pan and follow anything (like a car or a person), whatever you are following is off centre and just about to fall off the screen Make sure your title credits are awesome by using Arial as a font, and contains nothing but … more

  • Windows Upgrade Heaven

    Have you ever wanted to see someone install Windows 3.0 and upgrade it through all the various versions (95, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)? Well, now you can. more

  • Pro Tip: SharePoint, NHibernate, Castle, UAC, Exceptions?

    If you're running some NHibernate-enabled .NET inside a SharePoint site, you might one day come across the following exception when viewing the SharePoint site from a browser on-server: System.ArgumentException: Unable to obtain public key for StrongNameKeyPair. at System.Reflection.StrongNameKeyPair.nGetPublicKey(Boolean exported, Byte[] array, String container) at System.Reflection. … more

  • Opening Up A Windows Azure Deployment Package

    Unless you've been living inside a very dark cave with no internet, you're probably aware that a devastating earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand last week; as a consequence, me and some colleagues at work have been putting in some time in standing up a business pledge site in Windows Azure. As part of the deployment into Azure, I was having issues with the connection strings defined in … more

  • Noborizaka on the Featured Apps List

    One of the drawbacks of being away for a month is being unable to update or work on Noborizaka in any capacity. There will be a minor update in the near future for copy-paste improvements, due to the impending release of the first Windows Phone 7 update... But in the meantime, I spotted Noborizaka on the featured apps list in the marketplace! more

  • A Lot Of Windows 7 Goodness

    Mobile World Congress is happening at the moment, and it's really exciting in terms of what's being announced for WP7, including: IE9 for WP7, with native hardware acceleration - watch the WP7 totally outperform the iPhone; granted at Microsoft's own test, but still... Full Multitasking (including fast app switching and third-party music multitasking - hello Pandora!) Twitter support for the … more