Monthly Archives: February 2011

Noborizaka on the Featured Apps List

One of the drawbacks of being away for a month is being unable to update or work on Noborizaka in any capacity. There will be a minor update in the near future for copy-paste improvements, due to the impending release of the first Windows Phone 7 update…

But in the meantime, I spotted Noborizaka on the featured apps list in the marketplace!

A Lot Of Windows 7 Goodness

Mobile World Congress is happening at the moment, and it’s really exciting in terms of what’s being announced for WP7, including:

But don’t hold your breath – I fully expected the first WP7 update for Copy Paste to land at the end of 2010…then January…then February…and finally now we have a concrete “date range” of the first two weeks of March…so all the awesome videos you just watched won’t probably mean anything to real consumers until much later this year. Still, it’s a good time to be a WP7 owner!

I’m Flying Without Wings

Literally, I am actually “flying”, without wings. The similarities between the high speed rail from Kaohshiung to Taipei, and aircraft, are just way too many. They both have:

  • an in-flight/train magazine
  • a traytable
  • a food/beverage cart, and an attendant
  • overhead baggage
  • seats that recline annoyingly
  • arrival music when you reach your destination
  • business class

They travel at 300 km/h, but it didn’t really feel like it – just, kind of like a plane that kept accelerating slowly, never taking off…

Oh yeah – turns out there’s also a Playstation 3 game featuring this very railway I just took. Awesome.