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Persona 3 Portable

It’s been a while since I’ve actually played anything seriously on my PSP (Dissidia has been the default “five minutes to kill while waiting for the bus/train/rehearsal” game), but I started playing Persona 3 Portable a couple of days ago, and I must admit – I am totally hooked.

Acting as a weird hybrid between a simulation game (a genre which seems to never have gotten very far outside of Japan) and RPG, it’s got its own very unique setting and style to it which is a refreshing change from elves, goblins and orcs and humans with magical staves and brutish knights in armour. There’s the “collect them all” a la Pokémon thing going on for all the Personas your main character could potentially collect, and no matter how many times I see the animation it is still a little unnerving to watch the little 3d models shoot themselves in the head to release their special abilities…

I’m almost certain that I’ll finish this game (though I did feel that way about Dragon Age and I kind of just stopped…) or at the very least it’ll get me through to the big group of awesome games on the horizon (Civilization V, Rock Band 3, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIV).

I Love The Internet

Or more specifically, Youtube. Where else can you see a (very hilarious) video of a man arguing with a … goat? And if you didn’t like that, how about something to make you feel smarter, or to warn you about the danger of leaving your children unattended, or a yoga instructional video?

I think my brain died a little in the last ten minutes. But if it didn’t, it definitely did after I saw this.

Windows Phone 7 Application Bar and Commanding

I just spent an hour reading about MVVM, which is making my head hurt (I think I have it down now though; View -> View Model -> Model), but now it turns out that because the Application Bar isn’t a native Silverlight control, you can’t do commanding and I can’t use some of that delicious goodness I just read about.


Flash content in Sharepoint Document Libraries

Today I was working on a site migration from a proprietary CMS into Sharepoint for a client. Their existing site has a flash banner component which I thought would be easy to migrate – however, it turns out that when I package up the file in a module and deploy it as per normal to a Document Library (in this case, the Style Library), linking to the Flash component with <embed> no longer works.

It’s not one of the blocked file extensions under Central Administration -> Security, the MIME type exists in the IIS website hosting the web application, and it’s definitely not a permissions issue since if I place the link directly in the browser without logging in, I am prompted to download the file.

Looking at the Net console on Firebug, it seems like Sharepoint is treating the flash content as text, instead of ‘application/x-shockwave-flash’. I eventually decided to get around this by deploying the .swf to the _layouts directory, but if anyone out there knows how to configure MIME types for a Sharepoint document library or have any other ideas as to why this is happening, please comment :)

As a random aside, I also needed to look into the contents of the Flash file, and came across Flare – a great little program to decompile flash files which gave me access to the original ActionScript. I don’t know much Flash programming so I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but it did the trick for me.

Custom Sharepoint 2010 Ribbon Markup Styles

If you’re doing any sort of custom theming for Sharepoint 2010, and have been wondering how to modify the out-of-the-box styles provided by the “Markup Styles” button in the ribbon, take a look at this really useful blog post I came across today:

If you Firebug / View Source HTML’d the content, you would probably have worked out how it kind of worked – basically, you just need to overwrite a few css classes to replace the existing ones and add new css classes in the following format:

[sourcecode language="css"]
-ms-name:"Colored Heading 1";
/* [ReplaceColor(themeColor:"Accent1")] */ color:#0072bc;


Note the proprietary -ms-name property, and the use of the ReplaceColor goodness to integrate SP2010 themes into the stylesheet.

Unfortunately though, it looks like the only way to get rid of the out-of-the-box options is to remove the v4.css import (<SharePoint:CssLink runat=”server” Version=”4″ >) from the master page, and make a custom copy that excludes the styles.

EDIT: As pointed out in the comments below, an alternative to replacing the v4.css if you’re only interested in modifying one or two of your Publishing HTML controls, you can specify the PrefixStyleSheet property which will replace the default set with the css style sheet you specify.

Happy Days

“Well I thought that the most dreadful thing that could happen to anybody, would be not to be allowed to sleep so that just as you’re dropping off there’s be a ‘Dong’ and you’d have to keep awake; you’re sinking into the ground alive and it’s full of ants; and the sun is shining endlessly day and night and there is not a tree … there’s no shade, nothing, and that bell wakes you up all the time and all you’ve got is a little parcel of things to see you through life. And I thought who would cope with that and go down singing, only a woman.”

- Samuel Beckett

Last night, I watched an incredible play – “Happy Days” by Samuel Beckett. I have it on good authority that watching any theatre written by Beckett is an instant ticket to being 900% more cultured, but it was genuinely an extremely engaging and powerful work of art.

Robyn Malcolm, of Outrageous Fortune fame, really shows off her acting chops – without the use of her lower body (and in the second act, with only her face), she brought the audience along with her on a ride across the wide gamut of emotions and generally interesting things…I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that it takes a very brave and extremely talented actor to be cast in the role of Winnie for this play and Robyn Malcolm certainly delivered.

Also, I had Giapo afterwards and that was pretty freakin’ awesome. (mmm amaretti and pavlova gelato….)

Console.WriteLine(“Hello world!”);

Finally! I’ve bit the bullet and created a semi-professional, non blogspot site/web presence. I am a little sad that got taken before I could get to it, but there’s always (for now), or maybe some domain sniping in the future!

I’ll be migrating my Windows Phone 7 app posts onto this site, as well as lots of other delicious goodies and tidbits about working with .NET and programming in general. For now though, excuse the ootb template and visuals – there’s always the next night…